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Part 4 - Tools for an Equitable Feedback System: Accessible Feedback

This series of posts will cover a variety of bite-sized strategies that can be incorporated into a more holistic feedback system. To learn more about the research behind these approaches, we recommend you first  read our white paper . Part 1 - Feedback is Emotional Part 2 - Engaging with Criteria Part 3 - Actively Seeking Feedback So far we've established that students need to be emotionally open to feedback, they need to understand the grading criteria, and they should be encouraged to seek out feedback. Your students are primed and ready for meaningful feedback...but then it never comes. According to my students and students across the globe, this is common. They know they need feedback but they aren't getting enough...or maybe it's just not getting to them? In order for feedback to be useful it must be accessible . This means that it must arrive in a timely manner, it must make it to them both literally and cognitively, and it must be comprehendible. I