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Floop Intern Spotlight: Kenny Ma

Kenny Ma ( LinkedIn ) interned with Floop from Dec 2019 - Sept 2020, working as a Program Manager (PM) & UX Intern and then a Software Engineering (SWE) intern on improving Floop’s onboarding experience.  He is a sophomore studying Computer Science at the University of Washington graduating May 2023, after which he will be looking for opportunities in software engineering and product management. We loved working with Kenny because of leadership, self-awareness, and self-advocacy. Learn more about what Kenny accomplished in his internship with Floop. Kenny is a fast learner and impactful contributor in both individual and leadership roles. At Floop, Kenny excelled as both a Program Management intern, helping his team consistently meet milestones with high quality, and as a Software Engineering intern, driving his own learning and projects to develop features end-to-end. With his keen sense of self-awareness coupled with self-advocacy, Kenny will continue to grow and thrive in whatev