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The math behind "4x faster"

We claim that Floop will help you give meaningful feedback 4x faster, where did that come from? I'll claim my privilege up front: my classes are small. At most, I have 18 students in my science class at a time. Most years I have three sections of eighth grade science. So thats: 54 students My students submit something that needs detailed feedback about once every two weeks (though they get quick formative feedback much more often). When I gave detailed feedback by hand, it used to take me about 12 minutes per submission This adds up to about 10.8hrs of 'grading' per assignment With Floop, I can drag-and-drop repeat comments, switch through submissions quickly, and I don't have to hand back paper work. Now,  I can give feedback in 3 minutes per submission This cuts my 'grading' time to about 2.7hrs per assignment What do I do with all that extra time? So much! Plan more engaging lessons Eat lunch with my students and colleagues