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Floop Intern Spotlight: Caleb McOlin

Caleb McOlin ( LinkedIn ) interned with Floop from June 2021 to Sept 2021, working as a Software Engineer on creating and deploying full stack features. He is a senior studying Application Development at North Seattle College, graduating in May of 2022. Thereafter he will be looking for opportunities in the software industry as either a full stack web or mobile developer. We loved working with Caleb because of his self-direction, reliability, and helpfulness. Learn more about what Caleb accomplished in his internship with Floop. Top Accomplishments Owned, created, tested, reviewed and deployed the Student Engagement Metrics feature for Floop. This brand new feature calculates, tracks, queries, and displays the comment metrics of each student’s submission for the teacher. Built and updated cloud functions, triggers, and scripts for the NoSQL FireStore database prioritizing efficiency and productivity. Reviewed and assisted in the deployment of the Rich Text Assignment Description featur

Floop Intern Spotlight: Jack Boyd

Jack Boyd ( LinkedIn ) interned with Floop from June - September 2020, working as a Software Engineering intern on building Teacher Referrals and Co-teachers in the Floop web app. We continued to work with Jack as a part-time developer past his internship. He is earning his B.A.S. in Application Development from North Seattle College, graduating June 2021, after which he will be looking for opportunities in Software Development, specifically Web/Android Development.  We've loved working with Jack because of his self-direction, attention to detail, and collaboration. Learn more about what Jack accomplished in his 3-month internship with Floop. An excellent problem solver, communicator, and team player - Jack is a joy to work with. He drove the development of two large features of the Floop app, Teacher Referrals and Co-teachers, and his thorough approach and attention to detail resulted in production-ready features. Not only does Jack drive his own work, he takes the initiative to s

Floop Intern Spotlight: Dan Jack

  Dan Jack interned with Floop from June - September 2020, working as a Software Engineering Intern on profile editing and LMS integration.  We are so lucky that Dan agreed to continue working with us as a contractor and is now our first employee! We love working with Dan Jack because of his leadership, attention to detail, and impeccable documentation. Learn more about what Dan accomplished in his internship with Floop. Dan has a rare combination of excellent people and technical skills, thriving as both a leader on a dev team and as an individual contributor. He engages with stakeholders throughout his development process, with clear communication and meticulous attention to detail, resulting in the consistent delivery of production-ready features. By modeling excellent communication and creating systems for documentation, he empowered our team with better collaboration practices moving forward.  Some of Dan's superpowers are: Leadership - Dan displays leadership through his st