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Floop Intern Spotlight: Silvia Calinov

Silvia Calinov ( LinkedIn ) interned with Floop from June - September 2020, working as a Program Management intern on our feature development process. She is a junior studying Industrial Engineering at California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo graduating June 2022, after which she will be looking for opportunities in industrial design. We loved working with Silvia because of her focus on user needs, openness to feedback, and collaboration. Learn more about what Silvia accomplished in her internship with Floop. Silvia brought her expertise in Industrial Engineering to her Program Management internship at Floop, analyzing our company’s needs to redesign our operation processes. During her internship, she demonstrated initiative to improve her work from feedback and sought creative opportunities to collaborate with team members across functions. Silvia was a joy to work with, and the tools she created have streamlined our operations and saved our team valuable time. Top Acco

Should we have tests in virtual learning?

Kevin Ruiz is a senior at Cleveland STEM High School and a marketing intern at Floop.  Should we have tests in virtual learning? “We will have a test tomorrow.” Is the last sentence any student wants to hear, now imagine hearing that you have to take a test from home, but the question for teachers is how will we have students take tests from home or even evaluate how much they are learning from home. I’ve always been a student who doesn’t like studying or preparing for tests, but when you get that test back and you see that A or 100/100, it’s one of the best feelings in the world, but at times there are those bad tests. In this virtual learning environment, we as students and teachers have to figure out what is the best way to have students take tests when we are learning from home. I feel we could have many ways to loop around the struggles of taking a test from home. I would prefer no tests but I still feel like there needs to be something where we could be evaluating our learning fr

Self Grading

Kevin Ruiz is a senior at Cleveland STEM High School and a marketing intern at Floop.  Self Grading    This blog was created with the help of Mark Barnes , a well-known person in the teaching industry and founder of Times 10 Publications . I asked him a few questions regarding self-grading and he gave me some very good responses, so I would like to thank him for that. Now onto the blog. Self-grading is when a student self assesses an assignment or test and they evaluate how they think they did on the assignment. For self-grading to work, both the students and teachers have to understand what it takes for self-grading to work and benefit both sides. As a student who has been asked to self assess, I always tried to be as honest as I could with myself, and occasionally there had been times where maybe I gave myself a better grade than I deserved. I also noticed other students grading themselves much higher than what they knew they deserved. Soon enough the teacher in our science class wh

Peer Learning Groups

Kevin Ruiz is a senior at Cleveland STEM High School and a marketing intern at Floop.    The success of peer learning groups Having your students build relationships and teaching them how to interact with others is a great skill. In the real world we may be put with others to work on a certain project or we may just have to interact with others in general at work. So, making sure students are constantly learning and practicing these life skills is important. This summer I was involved in a program at Seattle University, it was a business program for students all over the country and even some international students, and mainly no one knew each other. We were all given the task of creating a business with real-life numbers and scenarios, but we would have to do it with a group of students we didn’t even know and all of it would be done through Zoom meetings. Along the way, we had a college counselor to help us with anything we needed and to help us be more communicative with one another

The Era of Virtual Learning

Kevin Ruiz is a senior at Cleveland STEM High School and a marketing intern at Floop. My experience In early March I was in the middle of soccer practice when we found out school would be suspended for one day so it could be cleaned out and disinfected in case Covid-19 had been in the building because there had been a reported case of someone coming in contact with a person with COVID, but then one day became 2 weeks then 2 weeks became 2 months and next thing you know the school had been suspended for the rest of the school year. All the students were thinking was how will we learn or go to class now? How will teachers grade us? Will we even go back to class, all these questions started coming up for us with no immediate clear answers, Then all of these apps started coming up, apps that were made specifically for online interactions and could hold many people in a virtual environment for like a class. Wow perfect am I right. In my case my school used Microsoft Teams to hold office hou