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New Year, New Floop

Floop just got so much better. Over the past 6 months, the Floop team rebuilt the app from the ground up in response to your feedback. In addition to the features you already know and love, we’re excited to bring you: Teacher and peer feedback under one roof Read receipts to see if students are reading your feedback (don’t worry, students don’t see read receipts) A beautiful new visual redesign The same database--so all your students, classes, and assignments will still be there. Check Out New Floop Update Jan 21, 2020: New Floop now has Google Drive and Doc integration for students to upload straight from Google Drive. Let us know how it goes! TLDR: Floop rebuilt its app so we can better serve our teachers and students longterm.  New Floop  offers a brand new visual design and additional features. Use  New Floop  if you want to run a guided peer review or see feedback read receipts. Use  Old Floop  for now if you rely on Google Drive an