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How does Floop peer review work?

Helping Students Learn by Giving Feedback The Floop Peer Review tools lets teachers run a rapid, anonymous, and scaffolded peer review session during a single class period. After as little as 30 minutes, students have given and received three to five pieces of detailed peer feedback, focused on a specific criteria set by the teacher. Each sample of work a student sees receives feedback structured by the questions:      1. How much do you agree that the criteria has been met?      2. What do you see in the work sample that supports your opinion?      3. How might your peer improve on the criteria?      4. What would you like to celebrate about this work sample? Create an assignment Give it a specific criteria to guide the peer review.  Monitor student submissions as they come in Have students submit & click "Run Peer Review" Monitor the peer review session during class Give teacher feedback while students work Investigate inter

Self-Assessment as the Starting Point for Holistic Feedback Systems

Every time I try a new unit , it seems like giving formative feedback is a more daunting task than usual. There are problems that crop up that I can’t anticipate as well as new activities and assessments to design. Time for prep and feedback are both in short supply. Still, I was energized by Floop’s recent research on holistic feedback systems and wanted to add a new feedback activity to the mix. Here’s what my lesson planning looked like on our formative “feedback days.” Entry Task: self-assessment Learning Activities: peer review, discussion, revision planning Teacher Task: Select exactly one criterion per student necessitating teacher feedback. Make that selection based on self-assessment and peer review results. After skimming the feedback forms for self-assessment and then peer review data, I asked myself: where can I make the most impact in a short amount of time? Having students color-code their results traffic light style made the work more visible and therefore